What a week

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What a week

Postby rook » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:38 am

Well we had been on several different birds in the few weekends prior to the season opener last Monday. Opening morning finally arrived and the weather couldnt get much worse. Not to let a "little" rain get in the way of an opening morning turkey hunt on the delta we donned our rain gear and headed out. Unfortunately the fowl weather kept the turkeys mouth shut and we called it a day around noon frustrated and wet!! Seeing that I had to work the rest of last week my hunting was done until the weekend. Although the guy I was with went back with his cousin the next day and killed a double in the same area we had worked pretty hard the day before. Lucky bastage!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The middle part of the week didnt get much better than Monday with vehicle problems all week. I had a bearing go out in the Explorer, had to change it twice before it was fixed (my fault, it sound like the left front and ended up being the right :? ) And I was only driving my Explorer because the clutch in my Nissan p/u went out on me Tuesday morning on the way to work. So the nissan is parked AGAIN and back to driving the SUV. Oh Yeah, my wifes Tahoe's fuel pump is on its last leg as well. Got to drop the tank to get to that sucker so I have been avoiding that fix.

So on to the weekend. Me and a buddy decided to head out to some public land Friday afternoon after work and try to roost a bird for Sat AM. As I am getting the boat ready to launch I notice something very inportant is missing. Earlier that day I had opened up my pods on the transom to let them air out. Well I forgot. Left the office with the lids setting on the edge of the pods and they didnt make it to the launch. The pods do not ride under the water but when launching and coming off plane they get swamped, and pods full of water kinda defeats the purpose. I thought to myself then that I should choke it up and head to the house, but I didnt. We start scronging around trying to figure out how to solve our problem and the best we can come up with is electrical tape. We taped them suckers up and we cross our fingers that it holds. We get the boat in the water and head out and get about 1 mile from our destination and my motor starts acting up. I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE WENT TO THE HOUSE. It will only run idle speed and captivates when you try to get on plane. We were close so I decided to idle to the area and we would have to deal with it when we came out of the woods. Even if we had idle speed only we could get back so Brian agreed. We get to said property and walked around for a little while looking for turkey sign of any sort. NOTHING We find a spot and sit and try to listen for one to fly up or gobble on the roost. NOTHING. We get back to the boat and start what ended up being a little over an hour ride back to the launch. 7 1/2 miles dont seem like a long way but at an average speed of about 6-7 miles on hour it takes forever. We FINALLY arrived back at the launch and got the boat on the trailer. Get it out of the water and get confirmation on what we both thought, spun hub. By this time it was about 9:15pm Friday night, I had no located Turkeys, the river was high and rising and I had no form of water transportation. I give up!!!

Brian hi jacking a post from the WMA, hes an idiot.

I am on the way to the house Friday night in a real foul mood and make a last ditch phone call to a buddy of mine that had got a 20 acre tract of land that has held turkeys in the past. Hes not a huge turkey hunter so he lets me hunt it once a year. I had called up some jakes last year on the land so I was hoping those same couple of birds were still there. I arrived at the land and made my way to the spot where I wanted to listen just before daylight. About 6ish I heard one gobble way off across a paved highway. He got another one fired up that was the same direction but a little closer. I couldnt figure out if he was on the property or on the other side of the road as the other gobbler. Both were in the opposite direction than I was set up to hunt so I changed my tactics and moved up closer to that side of the property. Most of the land is open fields with some scattered oaks in the fields. Surround by hardwoods on all sides. I set up out in the middle of the field on one of the oaks and started doing some agressive calling try to figure out where this gobbler was. I was there probably 30 minutes with him steadliy hammering down and it didnt seems he was closing the distance. When was just about to move agian I hit him with a box cutter and a bird that was sneaking up behind me couldnt stand it any longer and gobbled. He got fired up and was closing the distance fast. As I am sitting there trying to figure out what to do with this bird who is somewhere out in the field behind me, a hen pops out of a finger of woods to my left and makes a beline his way. As soon as she gets out of veiw I come to my knees and turn around. The tree had a fork in it just the right height, she was about 40 yards from me and just stopped dead in her tracks and started fedding around. I thought for sure she was going to run to the bird and cut him off from getting to me. I started looking around and discovered the reason she had stopped, the tom was about 10 feet from her putting on a show. I could just catch glimpses of him here and there, I tried to find a hole big enough for me to get a shot on the bird which was now at about 40-45 yards but needed to move just a little to get a shot. Well I made the move but didnt see the three hens that were sprinting across the field to the tom. I was busted. I didnt know they were there until I heard the all to familiar PUTT. I put my attention back on the tom which was coming out strut and he made his first step to run about the exact time I put a bead on his head. BOOM the bird jumps and flys about 20 feet and comes back down, stubbles a minute and sticks his head up. At this point he was 58 steps and I sent another load of lead his way, that one folded him up!!!
I didnt weight the bird but he had a 9 1/4" beard and 7/8" spurs, 2 year old but man what a way to end the week on a high note.
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Re: What a week

Postby Maineduckhunter » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:44 am

Great story, no doubt, you deserved that one.
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