MY First Tukey :D

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MY First Tukey :D

Postby Sodapop » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:20 am

I hunted as a kid but hated it. My step dad didnt make it any fun. I had to go hunting. Well I quit when I got older, and just recently I went back hunting. I shot my first turkey this weekend and finish my first duck season. I am loving it. I cant wait to go kill me a buck this fall. My son goes with me sometimes but he "never" has to go. I want him to grow up enjoying it, and not hating it. Making our time together fun, I cant wait for duck season this year. He has been practicing his duck calls. Thanks for listening to my soap box.
me, my son and my brother and his two boys
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My first tom, it was too bad my son wasnt with me. 10 inch beard and 1 inch spur
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Re: MY First Tukey :D

Postby allnighter » Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:30 am

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Re: MY First Tukey :D

Postby Pete-pec » Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:43 pm

Congratulations on a fine bird. I'm glad you gave hunting a second chance!

I played it the same way with my kid. I'd ask him if he wanted to go, knowing even if he did, the hunting or fishing wasn't going to last long for me. We'd go, he'd say he was bored, and I'd say "Me too!" And we'd pack up our stuff. He probably never knew how much I really wanted to stay, because I never ever said "Can we stay just a bit longer?" This made it easier for me to convince him that this sport is indeed fun, knowing that he didn't need to stay for the long haul. He always knew we would leave when he was done. Now that he's come of age, and is actually behind the gun and fishing rod, and actually knows how to hunt and fish, I find myself asking him when we're done. You know what his response is? "I'm bored too!" LOL! I know there are kids who tag along at a very young age, and mine did with me, but I'd hate to think he got burned out before he ever knew what he was truly missing? The first rule of taking a kid along, is make it short and sweet! I remember one time we were fishing, and we were catching big bull bluegills as fast as you could get your bobber out there. I thought to myself, how can't we catch a limit here in an hour or so? That's when my Son says "Dad, can we go to the park? He was 4 years old at the time. Of course I packed up the gear, and threw back the fish that we already had in the basket. I won't lie that it hurt to leave. We were there a total of 20 minutes, but on the car ride to the park it made it all worth while. Now remember, this is a four year old. He said to me "I know you still wanted to fish, but you are the best dad for letting me go to the park." Of course I told him "I was bored too" :thumbsup:

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Re: MY First Tukey :D

Postby A-Bomb » Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:16 pm

Hey man, great job on your bird. Glad to see you didnt give up on hunting. Looking forward to hearing your succsess story this fall. :thumbsup:
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