Another Eastern down! Buddy's first hunt!

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Another Eastern down! Buddy's first hunt!

Postby Pete-pec » Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:01 pm

This time it was my buddy's turn. We weren't hunting the same farm where my Son shot his turkey (Son's first turkey post), but the results were just as good. We only had one bird gobble on the roost, and he happened to be about a mile away. He gobbled twice after hitting the ground, but you know how those birds can be. Very sneaky! He wasn't dressed for 38 degrees. That was the temp this morning, and was pretty much ready to leave about the time the bird didn't gobble any longer. I asked him to be patient, because these birds can come in without any sound or warning, and that's what this bird did. I asked him to give me just 1/2 hour longer. I was calling loudly about every minutes to let any bird on the prowl know that there was an interested party of four in the lower end of this field. Just so happens that the interested party of four were decoys, and our blind was right near them. All of a sudden, and without warning (just about when my buddy couldn't take the cold nor the boredom), we heard a very loud, and very close gobble in the woods on the opposite end of the field we were overlooking. He came out of the field in full strut, and I called to him lightly letting him know he was real cute. He like that, and came out of strut for a few feet, then back to strut again. I'd call to him telling him that again, I thought he was hot. and he would come close. he played hard to get for a while, and just couldn't stand the thought of these two jake decoys having their way with a hen who obviously had a major crush on him. He finally came in committed spitting the entire way, and boom goes the gun! Although we only care to get mature birds, he came with some quality spurs, a decent beard, and very meaty. 10 inch beard, 1 and 1/4 inch spurs, and weighed 25 pounds. I took a picture of his longest spur next to a quarter to show a comparison. I think my buddy will sit that 1/2 hour from now on!
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