It's been awhile!

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It's been awhile!

Postby Naturegirl » Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:32 pm

For a year, I've been actively trying to find women in my area who hunt and still nothing until Sept 1st when I was on Facebook and a good friend from high school said how 09/01 in her house means Dove hunting time. I was smiling from ear to ear and instantly contacted her and we are finally hooking up. Dove first season is over, but quail opens up 10/02 and we are going.

I've also spent a year trying on every darn camo's I can find and it drives me insane. Do the manufacturers not know that high riding pants are out? Everything I try is is damn near up to my chest. I settled on a pair last week (women's from Bass Pro Shops) but still haven't taken the tags off. I'm thinking I can work some magic with sewing and lower the high waist or fold it down. That should be my new job, making camos that are comfortable for women especially the younger generation who can't stand waist bands at their boobs. I still love my army camos but I need more than one pair.

I also picked up bow hunting over the last year and love shooting it, but haven't hit any animals yet. Went deer hunting for 4 days, but never got closer than 100 yards to a deer and my limit is 30...although I'm accurate to 40 yards. I will say though when I was 13 yards from the 8x8 bull I can 100% imagine the heart thumping that happens prior to taking a shot because I thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest.

Hope all is well with all the other women hunters and hope we all have a great season!
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