Tulsa Area Newbie looking for suggestions

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Tulsa Area Newbie looking for suggestions

Postby ourtlc40 » Sun Oct 30, 2005 9:45 pm

Hey guys,
Just found the site and hope to be a frequent poster.
43 Yr old male, 3 kids, raised on deer hunting etc etc but fairly (2 yrs) new to waterfowl hunting. My cousin got me hoooooked last year for good and now I'm pumped about hunting this coming season as much as I can.
Few things about my gear and hunting style at this time........if you have any suggestions, feel free to fire away!
Calls - have 4-5 calls at this time but still trying to master them. Mostly Walmart models.
Decoys - 2 dz mallards and 1 dz teal
Boat - Fiberglass canoe (inherited) and a 14' v-bottom alum. I plan on using the canoe mostly with a electric trolling motor unless I can get my outboard motor fixed.
Gun - Stoeger 2000, bought this summer. I liked how it felt and the price was in my ballpark.
Waders - yes

Anyway...I know I don't call well, YET, but I'll get better.
Any suggestions on anything?????

Thanks guys
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Postby okiequacker » Fri Nov 04, 2005 12:34 pm

welcome ourtlc40! I'm from Tulsa and have hunted ducks all my life. Born and raised in arkansas and moved to tulsa in 1983. Sounds like you have the gear and ready to go! I just hope we get some ducks down here soon. This weather is killing us right now. I'm praying for rain and cold weather!
Good luck and maybe i'll see you around the duck calling forum!
Tom Cook
Born and raised in Arkansas flooded timber!
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