24 pound goose? what???

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Re: 24 pound goose? what???

Postby cluckmeister » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:40 am

I went to Texas once, stopped at a bar and ordered a beer, the bar tender brings me glass that would hold a gallon , I said damn that's big for a beer, he replies, Mr you're in Texas, everything's big down here. I sat there a while trying to down this beer and decided to order a ham sandwich, well the bar tender then brings me a whole loaf of bread and a shank of ham, I said damn I just wanted a sandwich, he replies Mr, Youre in Texas, and, everything's big in Texas. After drinking the beer I was a bit toasted and needed to go pee, I asked the bar tender where the bath room was, he says down the hall 2nd door on the right, I staggered down the hall and upon opening the 1st door on the right I immediately fell into the swiming pool thinking it was the crapper , I yelled don't flush it ,don't flush it. Moral of the story every things bigger in Texas so I guess a 24 pound goose wouldn't be out of the question. LOL
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Re: 24 pound goose? what???

Postby Professor Chaos » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:48 pm

[quote="fireboy007"]hello here in the uk we have very large Canada geese average between 19 to 22 and they are very common here is a 14 ponder i shot my choc lab roy loved swimming with it in his mouth even tho he couldnt see where he was going

Nice bird... Surprised you shot one so far below average.
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