$80k giveaway for the 2006 Heritage Calendar

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$80k giveaway for the 2006 Heritage Calendar

Postby Admin2 » Thu Nov 10, 2005 8:29 am

For the $20 with includes S&H, each person will have the chance to win some of the hunts and prizes valued at over $80,000.00, yes……$80K !!!!
To become eligible for the prizes, there will be a detachable “personal information” card on the back page of the calendar. Simply fill this out and mail to HERITAGE CALENDARS 10211 Yosemite Wichita, Ks 67215. Winners will be drawn on the first Monday of each month and will be contacted by phone of their winnings. The donated hunts will be the first prizes given away, with the others being drawn monthly from March through October.
A portion of the proceeds will help benefit The CF Open, www.livforacure.org Your support is greatly appreciated.

A great inexpensive gift idea for friends during the Holidays too.

If interested in buying the calendar please go to this link http://www.nodakoutdoors.net/index.asp? ... ProdID=203

Sponsors who have donated hunts and prizes are as follows but may change at any time with or without notice: I don’t see this happening, but had to include it.

Tim & Hunter Grounds
Shawn Stahl
Fred Zink
Mike Niles / hunt
Gander Valley Calls
RNT Calls
Epp Custom Cords
Widgeon Wacker Lanyards
Bolen Callin' Strings
Foggy Bottom Calls / "No Knot" lanyards
Aero Outdoors
Full Curl Decoys
Burbank Guide Service of Washington
Dave Smith Decoys
Columbia River Decoys
MOmarsh Layout Boats
Guided hunts by Matt Hougan
Mac Island Calls
Cdubbs Custom Calls
CS Custom Calls
Winglock Calls
Fox & Pfortmiller Custom Calls
Corey Gansers Freestyle Calls
Outdoor Adventures Hunting Club Inc.
Diane’s Custom Bags
The Storm Forum
Nodak Outdoors
Higdon Decoys
Patternmaster Choke Tubes
Wad Wizard Choke Tubes
Real Geese
Ultimate Hunter Decoys
Iron Fuzz Decoy Flocking
Buck Gardner Calls
Dynamic Decoys
Stillwater Outfitters llc
Broken Wing Hunt Club Inc
Most Wanted Game Calls
R & R Pheasant Hunting
Gander Hill Guide Service
Cornfield Camo
Dead Gear Goose Flags
Honker Bonker Guide Service
High Desert Guide Service
Mallard Mauler Custom Calls
Bell & Carlson


4 X 4 Pick Up
6' X 10' enclosed trailer
Kawasaki 750 ATV

The drawings will start in January of 2006 and will conclude in October of 2006. The hunts will be the first prizes givenaway.

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Postby Greg Wile » Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:45 am

Ad2, is this contest open to US residents only or is it open to us foreigners as well?
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Postby C_DUbb » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:15 pm


I will check and see for you.

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Postby C_DUbb » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:58 pm

Just got my email back from Shawn at Prowaterfowl Supply. He says that out of country folk are okay. Go ahead and get one, they are nice.

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