Im new to this game.

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Im new to this game.

Postby flatbottom mudslinger » Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:19 pm

Im new to this turkey hunting scenerio and Im starting to get geared up for my first season. I have a few questions. I was on ebay looking at turkey calls and I saw some things that Ive never seen before. What is a trumpet call and how is it used? What is a wingbone call? Is it just a striker? What would you recommend for a beginner? Ive seen some pretty awesome works of art on that ebay. Some of those handmade calls are absolutely gorgeous.
Now Im not new to hunting. In fact, the eastern turkey is one of the few game species in Michigan I havent taken yet. Ive been watching it on tv for several years. So I have a pretty good idea how the game is played. One thing I do know I need alot of help with is calling. How do you know when to use what call? A friend of mine hooked me up with his gear to use this season (actually hes trying to get me to buy it, I probably will) included is a glass call, an aluminum call, a rosewood striker, a carbon striker, a diaphram call, and a plunger type box call. I look at all this noise makin' stuff with a dumbfounded look on my face. The only thing Im any good at is the diaphram call. So why carry all this other crap into the woods with me? If turkey calling is like any other kind of hunting, time spent in the woods is what it takes to get good at it but if someone could inform me with some basic rules of thumb that would give me a starting point to learn from I would appreciate it. Thanks.
By the way, because of the way Michigans turkey hunting is you have to apply for the earlier season, which I didnt. The over the counter license is for the later season. So although Im hunting private land, I may be hunting educated birds, and/or birds that have already paired up with a hen (so Ive been told). Im really gonna have to be on my game to get lucky enough to harvest one. Common sense tells me to take my shotgun instead of my bow, but I just cant find it in me to leave my bow at home.
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Re: Im new to this game.

Postby goosetalker18 » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:11 pm

I do not know what a trumpet call is. However a wing-bone call is a mouth call. Here is a video of it on utube. ... re=related I didn't know what it was either until a few weeks ago. Also I would look at the turkey rule book again. I live in southern Michigan and I dont apply for my license I just buy the over the counter private land one. I get the first season. It starts April 19th. This is how I always get my license. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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Re: Im new to this game.

Postby jacob1996 » Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:57 pm

OK,first a trumpet and wingbone call are pretty much the same thing,but a wingbone call is made of TURKEY WING BONES...
2nd,how much is he askin for all the fricton,box,and diaphram calls? if you dont know how to use them,go to youtube and look up some videos there are thousands....ok,each call has its own unique purpose....Paddle style Box Call: not the best for purrs cutts and clucks but when it comes to high pitched wind piercing,clean yelps-the box call is the way to go....Friction calls(slate,glass,copper,aluminum,crystal): the best for purrs,cutts and clucks in my opinion if you know how to use them,they arent very loud but are my favorite to use and are relatively easy to learn....Diaphram: these are probably the hardest to master but are good all around calls and require now hands,all you really need to know is how to cluck and yelp,i dont really use my diaphrams much but they are a must for solo hunts....if you can try to locate some birds or at least find some sign around the area you will be hunting that would be good,at best if you find where the birds are roosting set up the evenin before your mornin hunt within sight of where you thingk they will be flying up to the roost from,there is a sayin "roostin is roastin", i havent got many chances to try this trick much but on 1 occasion it did work....if you find out where the birds are flyin up to roost at(usually a field or clearing) your chances are that the birds will fly down into the same general area the next morning.....if you have birds within eyesight and you think that they can hear your call(keep in mind that turkeys can hear soft purrs from 100 yards away) hammer out several yelps and see if the bird acts aggressive towards the call or hope for some shock gobbles....if the bird starts struttin back and forth and isnt sayin anything,and isnt comin closer,whats goin through his mind is"im too lazy to come over there ,you come over here to me"....if you have a decoy out,generally if you just shut-up he will get flustered and finally come best....since you are hunting educated birds probably, that is tuff,and i know that for a fact,all you can do is hope you can find a bird that is lovesick and call crazy.....if you have any more Q's pm me and i will load you down with anything you want to know,good luck on killin a big Ol' tom this year!

P.S. have fun with those easterns,ive hunted them before but thank God we have dumb-easy to kill rios down here!!!
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Re: Im new to this game.

Postby Indaswamp » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:03 pm

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Re: Im new to this game.

Postby TNDuckHunter1 » Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:34 am

I like how you said, "I pretty much know how this game is played" if you have never turkey hunted before then I will kindly tell you that you may not. You will see why once you get to the woods. I did!!!

I have hunted all my life but never really lived in a place that had good turkey populations. Last year was my first year. In the months leading up to the season, I saw turkeys all the time and saw more in season. got my calls and turkey vest and went out the first morning. hit the box call after daylight and the loudest gobble i ever heard exploded behind me. i thought it was too easy but he never showed (because he was 300 yards away). I thought i would bag one any day but it was very frustrating as the weeks went on. simple things like a ditch, creeks, fence, tall grass will mess it all up. i called 2 huge toms across a feild 200 yards wide. I thought they would cross the ditch in front at 70 and come in. i nearly died when they came all that way and never committed.

I made rookie mistakes that I knew better..........dont take the long shots because its all you got. it wont kill the turkeys.
be smart about moving for a better can mess that up quick
not every turkey that gobbles wants to come to you........relax
know your land and obsticles...............they will haunt you
be carefull when you shoot..............shot 2 jakes w/1 shot thus losing a hunt
shoot a jake or 2 if it makes you is your first turkey season
if you can bush hog your feilds before they get a foot or so then do it.

I ended up with 4 but it was hunting everyday. it is hard but very, very exciting and you may fing yourself like me liking it more than deer or other large game. best of luck.........i may start a thread for this seasons turkey pics so if you get one then post it.
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