waterfowl ?

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waterfowl ?

Postby IL duxman » Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:29 pm

I am looking for any information on waterfowl hunting in or around Ashlee, nd. i posted something the other day and didnt get any responses. I was just wondering if it is a decent place for waterfowl. I went there last year around the 3rd week of october and we saw tons of divers, but we were looking for mallards. i didnt know if we just went at the wrong time and missed them or that place isn't very good?
IL duxman
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Re: waterfowl ?

Postby DRHunter » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:13 am

Hey man,

Not trying to be a ass.. North Dakota will be a gamble for you!! Depends on the weather up there.. If ND gets an early freeze you might as well forget about it and save your money.. Being from IL I am surprised you are even heading up there. You have pretty good hunting down in your neck of the woods. I'm actually thnking about meeting up with friends and hunting in MO. You got pretty lucky seeing the ducks up there last year.. Thats the longest they have hung around in a long time! Just like every where else these days.. your not going to get much input from people. I lilve in CO now and trying to get info to hunt out here is like pullin teeth and the spot I have now I wouldn't give up for anything except for taken a young kid out to enjoy it.

Good luck and Good hunting,
Good Day and Good Huntin to You!
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