My last 2 days of hunting for the year

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My last 2 days of hunting for the year

Postby vertical_edge_800 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:30 am

Had to go back to California after my pre-deployment leave was up. I did pretty good on my last few trips. The birds didnt seem to want to decoy up this year very well so I did a lot of jump shooting. Spent almost every day from Sept. 2 through Sept. 17 hunting the jim creek area (Mud lake, Leaf lake, Swan Lake, Jim Creek)

The one lone mallard in the picture was a funny one from Sept. 8th. Me and a bud were out testing a new mud motor, I threw a rock at it to try and get it to fly, hit it with the rock and it went belly up.

The first ones from sept. 17 has 5 mallards, 1 blue winged teal, 1 black duck, and one widgeon. It too was a slow day and I had to work my butt off for those ducks. 3 of the mallards and widgeon from that day were jumped in a big group I had spent quite a while stalking on before they jumped. 3 shots rang out, 4 dead birds. Got a random spruce hen that day too when I was on my way down to clean birds. I also skunked my buddy that day, who knew a full limit and your partner dosent drop one bird?

The second ones from Sept. 16 has 2 shovelers and 3 mallards. Pretty slow day. Got to go out with my dad though, and He and I dont get to go out very often so I had alot of fun taking him out.
sept 17 jumps with grouse.jpg
sept 17.jpg
Sept 17
sept 16 jumps.jpg
Sept 16
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