Partridge season opens Sept. 25th

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Partridge season opens Sept. 25th

Postby yellodog1 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:03 pm

Grouse Season is Sept. 25 - Dec. 31 // Woodcock Oct 9-Nov.5 & Nov 8-9

Grouse Hunting Season is Sept. 25 - Dec. 31
Woodcock Hunting Season, Oct. 9 - Nov. 5 & Nov. 8-9

WATERBURY, VT -- A quiet walk down a hidden woods road, bright fall foliage coloring the canopy overhead and the crisp, cool air of an early morning -- these are just some of the elements of a great Vermont upland gamebird hunting experience. Hoping to see the dramatic flush of a grouse or woodcock is, of course, another reason hunters try to get out into Vermont woodlands every chance they get during October and November.
Vermont's hunting season for ruffed grouse or "partridge," is September 25 - December 31 this year. The daily limit is 4 grouse with a two-day possession limit of 8.
The Vermont woodcock hunting season is October 9 - November 5 and November 8-9. The daily limit is 3 woodcock with a possession limit of 6.
Woodcock are often found in alders along brooks and near beaver ponds as well as in new-growth small timber where old fields are reverting to forest. Ruffed grouse also frequent the same habitat, and they are particularly fond of the apples they find under wild apple trees.
For more information on hunting in Vermont, be sure to get a copy of the 2010 Guide to Hunting, Fishing & Trapping available from license agents statewide and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05671-0501. Tel. 802-241-3700. You can also print sections of the Guide from department’s website (
For convenience, Vermont hunting licenses also are available from the Fish & Wildlife Department's website. Places to stay overnight are found at, and guides are listed on the Vermont Guides' Association website at (
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