flooding jap millet

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flooding jap millet

Postby mufb » Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:35 am

we are starting to slowly bring our water up at our club. We planted millet and buckwheat first week in August. Question is should we leave the water below the head at all times or can we flood the millet/BW completely. We can keep the water levels lower as until we get freeezing weather, but will need to pump accordingly once water starts to freeze to keep it open. Didn't know if ducks would still find the millet if the heads were totally covered by water.

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Re: flooding jap millet

Postby duckbio » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:10 am

Yes, ducks will find it under the water, but depending on how tall the Jap Millet and Buckwheat grew, that would be a lot of water. When I used to flood millet in MO, it didn't really matter how much water was around the plants, as long as the birds could land in it. This was about 6in-1ft of water. Jap millet has a habit of attracting songbirds to it, and when they feed on the heads, they drop seeds off into the water or on the ground. This is what our ducks found when passing through. It must have been enough, because there was always ducks using the area. If you are going to continually flood the area, then let as much water as you feel comfortable with com in, then slowly rise the water level throughout the season to constantly have new food available to the ducks that come through later.
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