Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

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Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby duckhunter022 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:49 pm

I was wondering if the harvest has been able to progress any up in Saskatchewan yet? How plentiful are the ducks and Hun's?
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Re: Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby adv sask » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:33 pm

harvest is flying along full bore now and as for the ducks there are a ton of them right now .
adv sask
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Re: Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby tenfingergrip » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:33 pm

Adv sask must be in a different area than I'm in! I'm up here right now in the southeastern section and just got back from the central eastern (Foam Lake, Fishing Lake, Wadena) area and there are/were little to no ducks down yet. Canadas were adequate.
The fields are just now being finished up. There has been 17 straight days of sunshine and 80-85 degree temperatures with hungry mosquitoes everywhere. In my 26 straight years of coming to this area, this is the worst trip yet for ducks and geese. We got here on the 25th of Sept and will be leaving on the 16th of October. We have limited out on geese and have only shot one day's limit of mallards (24) for us three. Huns and chickens are plentiful and are just now able to feel comfortable driving the fields. Only have a few more tags left.

Foam Lake area only had about 10-20 percent of their fields seeded and as soon as they were combined, the farmers have begun cultivating. There will probably be no harvested fields with stubble left by this next weekend. Most of the crops that were planted were peas, barley and canola. Since the harvested peas and barley were combined in late Aug/early Sept. and they continued with rain until the 25th of September (28 straight days), many of the peas sprouted in the swarths and all sprouted on the ground. It's gonna take some real cold weather up north to salvage the Southeastern Sask duck season.
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Re: Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby mtriverrunner » Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:39 pm

I was up on the western side of the provence from Oct 1 to 6th. Me and 2 other guys managed to scrape out 200 birds during the trip, Mostly Snows. There were A lot of Specs and Snows and Ross around, very few ducks and a decent # of lessers. We targeted snows almost exclusively so we may of missed out on a lot of the dark geese that were around. harvest was going gang busters and there were no problems getting into the fields. A lot of wheat, oats, and even peas were still standing when we left.

There was a lot of water, but it was all empty. On previous trips to Canada it was a matter of picking the potholes that had more than 5000 birds on them. We couldnt find a pothole with more than 50 birds on it this trip! We might not of been in the best spot for ducks though as we hadent been to this area before.

As usual the highlight of the trip was meeting friendly people up in SK. Thanks to all the wonderful people that we met up there.
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Re: Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby REM1100 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:53 am

I was in The Quills last week and some fields had many ponds in them and were impassible.
The dirt backroads seem to be barely OK with deep water ruts
The farmers were combining in the evening from Nokomis to Wynyard and there were fields unseeded that the birds flocked to.
I saw a lot of birds in swath only in fields about 2 miles from migrating roosts. There were some ample pea fields left moldy uncut un touched by birds.. it may take a couple weeks before those distant fields get hit.
The farmers needed three weeks of good weather.. now about two weeks.
Most of the fields I drove on were good to drive on..the ones that were combined.
I did however drove in a hay meadow close to the lake and took out my exhaust system (lost 2 mufflers)on molehills.
I saw Zero Huns and saw some covies of sharpies ( couldn't get closer than sixty yards) but I scratched one.
Quality greenies were scarce at that time and lots of dark medium sized local ducks.
Many snows even saw some specks which was rare and some big honkers and lots of Lessors accompanying snows, cranes were few and massed together from the PFRA swamps which held the majority of birds.
I shot a good number of birds (see my posting in the Freelancing part in Canada) Canada Goose section
on the X in Saskatchewan
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Re: Drying out any in saskatchewan yet?

Postby dirtyj » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:22 am

We hunted the Kindersly area and the fields were fine. 5 guns killed 312 birds (154 ducks, 158 geese) and only saw huns 1 time. Definitely wetter to the east and more ducks that way too.
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