It's on.....the blacktail rut that is.

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It's on.....the blacktail rut that is.

Postby QH's Paw » Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:53 pm

Well it's official, the bucks are ruttin' in my neck of the woods.
Got home at 7:45 this morning, after a 12 hour shift. At 8:15 the call came in, my wife answered it. "Hey babe, it's Shelby she's got a buck down up on the hill."
My daughter and my sister had taken a short morning hunt near the house.
Shelby had to be to work this morning, so it had to be a short hunt, they hunted close to home. Needless to say, before it was all over, Shelby had to call in a little late for work. :biggrin:
I don't really have alot of the story to tell because I wasn't there.
I can say the the two girls have been going out every bit of free time they have had this past week or two. When there was time, they drove to areas to hunt. When time was limited they hunted right out the back door like this mornings hunt.
They were about a 1/4 to1/2 mile into their hunt when they saw the face of a deer looking at them through a small window in the brush.
At some point, the buck moved or they got around him enough to see his horns.
Pretty much it was BOOM out go the lights at that point. One shot to the head and his ruttin' days were put to a halt.
His neck is pretty swollen and the smell is really strong.
Now we have a nice set of glands to carry with us for our rattlin' this week. :thumbsup:



Wish I could say I had a part in the taking of this buck but, I just can't. It was the girl's persistance that put them on this buck.
Chaulk another nice blacktail up for the girls. :beer:
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Re: It's on.....the blacktail rut that is.

Postby Quackity Gal » Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:31 pm

Congrats on the kill! I'm not a big game animal hunter (yet) but it's always great to read others' stories!

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