duck hunt in MS for deer hunt in IL

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duck hunt in MS for deer hunt in IL

Postby Spoonie » Wed Dec 28, 2005 5:17 pm

i am from MS and am going to school at SIUC..i have been home in MS for the last week and got access to some catfish ponds in the MS delta that are slap COVERED up in bluebills, shovelers, ruddy ducks, and some canvasbacks...they say in Jan. the ponds are full of canvasbacks and if the fields are frozen that the mallards will pour in there...

i also saw MILLIONS of snows, specks and a few canadas flying over the ponds pretty low...i only have 5 goose dekes but if you had alot, i am pretty sure you could pull some down...actually, we snuck up on some snows in one of the catfish ponds and killed one of them yesterday..

anyhow, i told the owner of the ponds that i go to school in IL and he informed me that he would love to go on a GOOD deer hunt in IL and would trade duck hunts for a deer hunt. if interested, just send me a message and i could send some pics of yesterdays and todays hunt and give you the contact info.

save some ducks for me up there in back soon
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Postby chrispbrown27 » Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:32 am

Now by "good" deer hunt what does he mean? LOL If he's looking for a monster then he would probaly wanna hear from someone up there in the northwestern corner of the state. If he wants to see a ton of deer and some decent bucks and a ton of land then downstate is the way to go. Also, shotgun hunt? Or is he a bowhunter? If it were me I would choose bowhunting over shotgun hunting anyday. You've got a lot more time to hunt and not so many morons running around. Oh yeah, and cheaper.
I'm not trying to be a smartazz of anything I'm just saying you might wanna find out some more details as to what he's looking for.
I'm also not looking for a MS hunt but if he was interested i could take him to a few spots where I could just about guarantee him a deer. (notice I didn't say a trophy or even a buck, those antlers are tough on the teeth) I'd have no problem sharing some information with him.
Good luck man and shoot some of those baxters that slipped past us for me.
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