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Re: Little champion

Postby SFO1 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:09 am

Im just telling it like it was and that is exactly what I told those who were there....but it is now in the past. Many good memories at the lake. Some not so good. HAHA! I hunt private now and we do pretty good with a lot less drama in most cases.

Champion NEVER, IMO, got as bad as most public places in Arkansas. Sure there were some arguments and skybusting to mess another group up, but nothing like Arkansas.

Thanks for the welcome and I hope all is having a good season.
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Re: Little champion

Postby ShortBarrelcraz0283 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:37 pm

I will have to agree with SFO 1.......................The reason we killed ducks on champion is because we had experince............Well at least SFO1 did ...........I just got lucky as was able to learn to hunt from those guys. We learned what the birds liked and when to do it.......... Champion is kinda like your favorite fishing a spot, take a friend with you and they watch you catch the fish.These guys hunted this place for years,and knew the lake! All these guys that have been drawn dont know how to hunt the lake. I was gonna hunt close to the lake two years back on a clear, cold day after new years ........But i got beat to my spot by the guys that were drawn for the south end that weekend! I just laughed and left..........I should have told them im going to get in the hole.........And it is funny to hear how they think this place sucks! Sorry . I was drawn the first year third weekend........... Killed 48 ducks in three days 36 of which were mallards. I dont think that number has been approached since! But who knows .......The draw sucks, but will continue as well as any other hot spot that could occur on lower start killing birds, it gets attention, wardens come in and make it a draw. lets face it we live in f'in China! But the Memories are still great! Thanks Nick and Spank
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