Bag limit of ducks

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Re: Bag limit of ducks

Postby SpinnerMan » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:28 am

Indaswamp wrote:
BigRiver wrote:
Indaswamp wrote:
BigRiver wrote:Can't pick and choose the laws you want to abide by.

Pretty tough to call the other guy a dirty bastard if he and his group look at group limits differently than you, when your freezer is flush with greenheads. :hi:

but I"m obeying the law when I have a possession limit from 20 different people in my freezer from people that have "gifted" birds to me....remember-possession limit is terminated once the birds are gifted. :hi:

And We are not group hunting, all the birds just fell into the same big pile :hi:

different argument...explain to me how what I have proposed is illegal or unethical?

Your possession ends when you give them away. THEIR possession begins when they accept them.

The ducks are ALWAYS in someone's possession until the cease to be ducks. They don't cease being possessed by someone and count to someone's possession limit. Otherwise, you just need to give them to your wife. Officer, I have no ducks. I gave all 60 of my daily limits to her, so nobody possesses these ducks. It doesn't work that way even if you mailed them to your wife or anyone else.

The question is when do they cease legally being ducks. I don't think grinding them up even technically meets the definition. But I'm not worried about them DNA testing my sausage. If it did, all you would need to do if you were going to hunt for a week on travel and take a grinder and transport the ground meat and you can finish making the sausage when you get home.

aunt betty wrote:There's a difference.
If I get caught walking out with 27 ducks stuffed down my waders is one thing.
Having 27 ducks in my freezer is NOT the same thing at all.
I'm pretty damned sure that the last time I checked...there were 12 by some happenstance. :wink: I swear! :hammer:

I only break the bad laws as well. Who doesn't? :huh:
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Re: Bag limit of ducks

Postby aunt betty » Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:49 am

Breakin' the law...
Breakin' the law...
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