New to turkey hunting - help with Lake Sonoma WA!

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New to turkey hunting - help with Lake Sonoma WA!

Postby Ranger519v » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:44 pm

Lot's of waterfowling but brand new to Turkeys! I put my 15-year old in for a junior draw and he was drawn for the opener (March 26th) at Lake Sonoma WA in California! That gives me just over 2 weeks to figure this out!

I see lots of threads discussing calls - I'll get that figured out. Anyone have any advice on how two newbies best approach their first hunt in the field? We plan to scout a full day the day before opener.

Better yet, if anyone has ANY information on turkey hunting at Lake Sonoma, that would be of tremendous help. If not Lake Sonoma, how about any other low-land lake turkey hunting in California (I hear they are around all the foothill lakes). Any pointers may be able to be applied to Lake Sonoma.

It would be a thrill of a lifetime to put my 15-year old on a turkey!

Thanks a MILLION in advance!
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Re: New to turkey hunting - help with Lake Sonoma WA!

Postby magnum12 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:21 am

Patience, patience, patience is the first key to Turkey hunting. Second would be to try and locate a group of birds right before sundown as they will most likely be rosting close by for the night. Then you can get out in that general area before sunrise and begin calling but make sure you don't get to close as they can easily bust you while sitting on their roost. Lastly you will want to make sure you have good camo and a face mask as they birds have excellent eye sight and will bust you coming from a mile a way.

What kind of call/calls do you plan on using?
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Re: New to turkey hunting - help with Lake Sonoma WA!

Postby kyle916 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:53 pm

use a slate call. cheap ones are just fine. scout out where they are. come back the next day to that spot. lay up against a tree apart from one another. one person calls one shoots. camo, camo, camo. use deeks if you like. doesn't matter. call until they come. purr call when they get close and then shutup. be patient and let'm come to you. i've hunted all over the valley.
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