Raritan Bay

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Raritan Bay

Postby crewchief252 » Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:39 pm

Been to the bay 3 times so far this late season, 1st time took a couple of kids with us, put 1 dad, and kid in the layout boat, and couldn't get a bird anywhere near them, only saw a few that day, kids started getting cold around 9 so we packed it in, the only thing from that trip was i left a bag of decoys out on the point, hit it again a few days later, had lots of buffs come in pretty as you please shot a few, missed a few squaws, saw tons of broadies way, way out there towards the Bridge, but all in all not a bad day. Hit it again last sat with my son, he had a ball, had plenty of buffs coming in, he just didn't hit any, but he shot a 1/2 box so he was pretty happy anyway, saw quite a few brandt, he missed those too, even saw a pair of pintails, to high for a decent shot, wind started picking up so we headed in, had fun watchin the young un, going to hit it 1 last time this monday, still hoping for that really good day.
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