Boundary Lake Champlain,last chance

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Boundary Lake Champlain,last chance

Postby pete/pmr » Mon May 16, 2011 11:44 am

This is what I just recieved from Bill Crenshaw!

Waterfowl Hunters,

On Wednesday, May 18th, the VT Fish and Wildlife Board will make a second vote on the proposed rule to change the waterfowl zone boundaries between the Lake Champlain and Interior Zone. After this vote, the proposal goes to the Legislative Committee for Administrative Rules for their review. After that, the Board will vote on it a third time, but are reluctant to make major changes from the second vote because the proposed rule has already gone through LCAR.

If you want to comment on this rule, and haven’t already, you should do so today or tomorrow. Below is the link to the list of Board Members with their email and telephone numbers. I am guessing that they might prefer an email.

You can also contact the entire board at once by using the address:

Some of you have emailed your comments to me. I have kept track of them and will provide a summary tally at the meeting on Wednesday.

Attached is a copy of the last news release on the proposed rule, which was issued on March 30th.



William J. Crenshaw
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Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
111 West Street
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