Otter 1200 or 2000

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Otter 1200 or 2000

Postby Woodman » Sun Jan 29, 2006 8:49 pm

Looking to buy one of these. I am a big fella (280lbs). Does anyone use these boats. Can anyone give me advice
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Postby La. Hunter » Wed Feb 01, 2006 2:05 pm

I recently bought the 1200 and have really enjoyed hunting out of it. There are times that I wish that I had the 2000 because there is a little more room on the inside to manuever, but this makes it less stable I am told. I usually lay down in the boat and cover myself with some camoflauge material that I have and the ducks don't seem to notice that I am there.

I purchased the optional motor mount for my 1200, but have only used it 1 time. The brake that I was trying to use it in had a lot of undergrowth and kept clogging up my trolling motor. This made it real hard for me to make any kind of turn. I would like to get it out soon and try it in more open water.

Also, the boat is almost indestructable. Recently, while carrying my boat in the back of my truck, I backed the boat into a tree. The boat pushed the wall in the bed of my truck into the back wall of my cab into the back seat of my truck causing the window to explode from the pressure. The damage was about $2500.00 to my truck but only slightly bent the front handle on my boat.
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Stealth 2000

Postby fishmunkee » Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:20 am

They are very stable and indestructable. They are also heavier than advertised and are a chore to load in/out of my pick up bed. Easier with a buddy but with me, a buddy, the dog, dekes and other gear space gets pretty tight. Get the kayak style paddle and a push pole. You need a pretty long kayak paddle as the boat is wider than most kayaks. Otter makes one for about $50 which is the cheapest I could find. I also use a trolling motor in more open spaces.
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