World Record Elk taken?

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World Record Elk taken?

Postby LIGHT12 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:56 pm

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Shawn Patterson, right, and hunting guide Levi McClendon, with the elk that Patterson killed. SUBMITTED


Bowhunter’s elk likely a record
By Brad Falduto, Tribune
February 7, 2006
Shawn Patterson used to get his adrenaline fix chasing down quarterbacks on the football field. Now he gets his rush big-game hunting. What a high it was this past fall.

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Recreational & Outdoor Sports

The Chandler man took what likely is a world-record elk with a bow and arrow in northwest Arizona.

One agency already has ruled the 7 x 7 elk (seven scoreable points on each side of the rack), which measured to 414 inches, the biggest ever shot with a bow and arrow. Another organization is expected to rule the same when its records committee convenes next year.

“This is equivalent in my opinion to winning the $250 million lottery. It happens very, very rarely,” said Patterson, who will be featured this spring in North American Hunter magazine.

Patterson is a former star defensive lineman for McClintock High School, Arizona State University and the Green Bay Packers. He retired in 1993 because of bad knees. Married with four children, he now builds homes for a living.

Patterson quickly learned that getting a permit to hunt elk in Arizona is tougher than getting past a 350-pound offensive lineman. Last fall was only the second time in 11 years since his retirement from football that he received an elk permit via the state’s lottery system to bowhunt west of Flagstaff. When he found out, he hired a guide service.

“It’s a time factor,” he said. “When you wait six years to get drawn, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity.”

Two days before the hunting season opened, Patterson visited potential hunting grounds and spotted what turned out to be his bull.

“We got him on film,” said Patterson, 41. “Your jaw just drops.”

Opening day, it was that elk he encountered, but didn’t realize it until after the kill.

“We knew he was tall. We knew he was big. But we didn’t know that it was that particular bull. (It’s) total astonishment and just disbelief, too, and also a little remorse because he is such an amazing, magnificent animal that you’re very grateful for the privilege to be able to harvest one of God’s creations.”
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Postby choclab » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:27 pm

Thats pretty sweet. Ol' Chuck Adams is sweating bullets I bet. :yes:
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