Floaters to Field decoys

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Floaters to Field decoys

Postby tenfingergrip » Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:52 pm

OK guys that only have floaters and want to hunt in the field....I was just cleaning out my storage room at the house and came across a dozen stands that I had made back in the late 80's for our hunts up in Canada.

When I first went up in '85, all we ever did was pothole hunting. I only had floaters, we never field hunted except for geese. I soon saw the need for field decoys but my budget didn't allow a big expenditure. SO, I made some stands (24) out of heavy gauge wire to support the floaters for field hunting as well as mud shallows. They worked great! I left them up there in our storage house at our farmer's house. I made a couple of dozen more to take up the next year but in the meantime Santa brought me 3 dozen nice field decoys and since then I've bought another dozen fields and made a dozen out of floaters where I removed the keel. These stands got lost in the junk room. Don't know where the other dozen is.

I know this isn't the place for sale items, but I'm gonna sell these for $20 bucks plus shipping if anybody wants them. The classified ad will be in the classified forum as well. I will also throw in 6 pairs of "orange legs" like you see in the pictures that I had installed on my 2nd generation floater/field conversions. The legs simply slide on the wire stand and can be adjusted anywhere along the underside of the decoy for proper placement. These work and they are steady.

I took some pics out at the farm today. I never got around to painting these, so you may want to spray them flat black or whatever matches your field.



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