Hunter Harassment law

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Re: Hunter Harassment law

Postby Rise and Shine Retrievers » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:49 pm

I contacted my town officials a few years back. Why not give the PD a list of property owners getting tax breaks for having their land in current use? As they drive around town, take notice if those properties have posted signs on them. If so, charge them for all of the back taxes that they have saved on by doing so. I never heard back from them.
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Re: Hunter Harassment law

Postby NHDuckHunter » Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:56 pm

Rise and Shine Retrievers wrote:
leave negative notes on your windshield

The story I heard just this morning... My buddy parked and went in deer hunting. When he came out a "No Tresspassing" sign had been placed in front of his truck. As he was getting into it a woman drove up and proceeded to admonish him for hunting on the property. He stated that if she owned the property and didn't want him hunting on it, that was fine with him, but the property wasn't posted when he arrived. He was going to the town hall today to see if she even owns it.

That happened to me last year, and she put a note on my truck too. When I finished, I drove to the PD. Found out the reason they hung the sign while I was in the woods, and put the note on my truck was when they let their dog out in the morning, there was a hunter standing beside their shed. They drove around, saw my truck, and assumed it was me. A lot of the anti's are around because they are just uneducated hippies. Unfortunately, there's many more that are anti's because they had negative run-ins with "hunters".
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