Heads up if using Low Falls/Halfway

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Heads up if using Low Falls/Halfway

Postby bigsprig » Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:43 pm

If anybody has not left yet and is headed to Low Falls, do not attempt to go down to Stumphole or Halfway swamp area by Low Falls Creek until the water comes up at least a foot unless you are in a kayak or canoe.

Water is less than 6 inches deep for 500 hundred yards or more at the "delta" and only way we made it through was with Mud Buddy cranked wide open running on top of mud and shells until bottomed out, then had to pull to deep enough for motor to get grip again.

Could not run back up so went around Halfway to river and back to Low Falls.

Outboards, do not attempt, you will be there quite a while.

Safe hunting to all.
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