Next Years Field Spread

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Next Years Field Spread

Postby luie b » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:40 am

As our duck season comes to an end I'm already thinking about next year :biggrin:. Anyway, at the moment I hunt fields over 12 tanglefree goose shells, 4 flambeau storm front water goose decoys (used in a field), and 12 tanglefree ducks (water decoys). We've killed some geese over them and a duck or two, but am wanting to know what new decoys I should get next year. I'm already planning on getting some moer goose decoys of course, probably 6-12 fullbodys and will buy a layout blind. But what my question is, would spending my extra money be more worth it on buying more goose decoys, or full body ducks? I hunt ducks and geese and have always heard ducks decoy into goose decoys so I'm just wondering if I should buy full body ducks or just more geese?
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Re: Next Years Field Spread

Postby Rockboy » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:51 pm

Get you a full dozen of the best Full Body Canada decoys you can pull off in a mix of feeders, sleepers, and sentry. Then add in a half dozen full body mallards with a layout blind and you have a great field spread. Of course it depends on the competition in your area but that would sure get the job done.
Ducks work canada spreads real well but I like to have 6-12 full body mallards out so you can decoy the ducks right where you want em.
If you don't hunt ice or real hard ground look at some 3/4 body mallards shells like G&H, GHG, and Higdon. They all look real good and the G&H shells work great for me if the ground is not real hard (shorter plastic stakes).
Next to layout boat hunting field mallards will sure jazz you up. Rock
Layout boats and blinds are pure death from below to the mallet's but leaning on a tree is the best deal in the woods!
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Re: Next Years Field Spread

Postby swdance » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:43 pm

I would get more full body goose decoys and a mojo.
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