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Post now and share useful Kentucky duck hunting information. A few topics of discussion would be public hunting land in Kentucky, local techniques, and much more.

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Need Help

Postby quacknstack6 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:29 pm

I was given the opportunity to make a duck hunting food plot in a bottom in western KY. My question is this area is roughly 60 acres long and 30 acres wide, it has a river on the left side of the field and a slough on the right. The area normally floods every year and holds water up until it gets very cold. The area normally holds about 16"-20" of water year round but like stated will freeze later in the year. I am wanting to plant corn, sorghum, millet and barley in this plot. I will be leaving for deployment in Sept of 2012 and will be gone for a year. Money will not be a problem to get started, but i am unsure how to start. I am wanting to build pit blinds on this land and separate the fields with the pit blinds and run ice eaters in each section to keep the holes open through the cold months. Ducks are already using the river and sloughs next to the field but i am wanting to make this spot a feeding and roosting area to hold birds. I have what i want to do already in my head but i need help from some of you guys who have done this before to reassure these ideas or change them with better ones. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also please inform me of what the cost of making the pit blinds would be, like i stated i am new to this. Thanks
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