SLOW coyote calling this year

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SLOW coyote calling this year

Postby Duplex lover » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:56 am

It's be a SLOW year on the coyotes this year. There populations look to me to be WAY up but the calling has been a disaster. Last year we got 72 during the prime fur season this year so far we only have 10 pelts in the freezer. The prices are double this year we were hoping to get enough to get a side by side four wheeler. Looks like that may not happen. I'm going to go this Sunday and set a bunch of snare on a hunk of BLM closes to home. Maybe we can pick up the pace. I'm not a big trapping person it's a pain in the ass but I need something to kick start our season. I have a personal idea on why the calling sucks, Partly the wind. It's been an EXTREMELY windy fall and winter,warm and little snow. All that is a factor I'm sure they don't like to hunt in the wind and the warm temps and lack of snow let them get by with less food. Plus there is an abundance of food with the winter/spring/summer we had the grass id arm pit high and an absolute infestation of mice and rabbits. I'll bet the coyotes could stay put in there hidie holes and let the food come to them. OH well I'll try 50 or so snares and see if I cant scare up some.
Of course after all this nice dry weather I decide to start as some big winter storms are forecast to start rolling in.
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