I screwed UP

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I screwed UP

Postby callumcuffumkillum » Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:53 am

Hit the lake yesterday afternoon to find some birds to hunt this morning. I was running late and with the cloud cover birds were already moving out to the open water to raft up for the night. As i went by the first cove I wanted to look at 2 mallards were flying out and went and landed out in the middle probably 300 yards away. I kept scouting and never saw a single duck on the water around the bank so i decided i would hunt the cove the 2 mallards flew out of and hope they were just a few stragglers and there were more going in there. On the way back (almost dark) i ran threw the middle of the lake to check out where the pair had landed. I know i know i shouldn't have done it but curiosity got the best of me. When i got close to where they went down ducks started getting up everywhere, ill say 150 mallards to be on the safe side &%#%$&! Of course they could have come from anywhere but i cant help think they were using that cove i came out of, needless to say i killed nothing this morning :mad:
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