Texas style rigs/ HOW TO GUIDE

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Re: $11 a doz. Texas style rigs/ HOW TO GUIDE

Postby Elvis Kiwi » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:27 am

a metal muffin tray can be used for making weights better still if you can find one of the older ones for pastry fingers sort of a half cylinder about 3 inches long. pour lead into them and put a fencing staple in them before they set or better still before you pour if you can keep them upright. wire works fine to.
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Re: $11 a doz. Texas style rigs/ HOW TO GUIDE

Postby JoJer » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:33 pm

I cast my own 4 oz wgts with a mini-muffin tin and a hot plate. I tried staples and wire and didn't like the outcome so I just hammer a nail thru the weight and run the mono thru the hole and add a crimp. I thought the store bought crimps were way over priced, so mine are 1/4 " long pieces of 1/4" copper tubing, cut with a tubing cutter. You squish them just slightly out of round, and the 400# mono just fits thru, then I crimp with old dull side cutters.
I had mine done with tangle free, then trimmer string, now all redone with the heavy mono. Much better.
Mine are also rigged with the decoy sliding on the line- no wet hands when picking up.
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