Raving mad at Ravens

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Raving mad at Ravens

Postby Duplex lover » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:18 pm

Calling the other day was as tuff as it has been all year, but it was a perfect day to be out. Sunny, +43* nice steady breeze around 6 mph out of the WSW, and little to no snow on the ground. In fact the gophers where coming up after there winters nap even the FLYS where popping out NICE. There had been a cold front and wain move through the area the day before and another one heading down from the North later in the week. The moon is about an 1/8 and rising during the day, Just a perfect storm for calling coyotes. My boy was not feeling well so we where just going to do a light day and head home shortly after lunch. Our first set was right at shooting light. Called mostly distress calls, cow,antelope,and pup. Had two come over the horizon ( mile away) in short order and a good pace. Looked like they would work just right, But like the earlier part of the year they slipped in to the only coulée we didn't control and got behind us got our sent and disappeared. The next set was as good as the first but no dogs.We tried three more and had coyotes come and leave about the same way very frustrating. We are using two way communications and we would split up 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile to try to stop them but ,the best layed plans you know...The last set was the best looking of all and we had high hopes. We could control two miles of brakes with all the factors in our favor,we thought . Started our calling a lonesome female call,then a pup. after a few tries we saw 4 coming over the skyline a mile away. WELL we had some Ravens come over to check out our calling too, didn't think much about it. When they picked up the movement they took of straight to the pack of dogs. we watch the three of them hearse the coyotes. They would swoop down at them and the coyotes would turn and dart around,at times they would jump at the birds. They did this all the way over to us. It finally stopped the smaller dogs but it looked like the BIG male would keep coming and he did kind of. At about 300 yards, could have been more like 400 he was BIG. but they stopped him there he would try to fend them off but they where relentless he was about to give up and leave. I could tell by his demeanor it was a now or never shot for me. My boy couldn't quite see the male but later he said the other three where still sitting and waiting to see if the male would be successful. I laid across a rock and put the cross hairs Just behind the shoulder and 2/3 the way up on his body and jently squeezed the trigger on the TC 22/250. A blink of and eye I saw the male spin around and take off .I didn't hear the tell tail WAMP but felt very good about the shot. The ravens lost interest with the coyotes and left. We gathered up out stuff and went out to collect our $65 coyote. We get out to where I was sure I had a dead dog and NOTHING... No blood or hair nothing. We looked for over an hour to no avail. I know the way he acted he was hit, the little 52 gr 22 just doesn't leave any blood on the ground and Never goes through. The ONLY Good thing is I know I hit him and I'm very sure he will die, it's important to take out the alpha dogs and not educate the leaders. I have seen eagles do that to coyotes but never seen Ravens do it, as tuff as the calling has been I HATE to loss an opportunity.



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