Shooting prairie dogs and gophers

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Shooting prairie dogs and gophers

Postby Duplex lover » Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:16 pm

Looks like it will be a tremendous year for Prairie dogs and Gophers this year, with the open winter and all. The grass was way more then prolific last year and they went in to Winter in grand shape. I'll bet they have huge litters again this year. The Prairie dog don't hibernate like gophers but the females are still down working on producing next years critters. The gophers that are up now are Last years yearling males looking to establish a territory for them selves before the BIG male bosses get out of bed. There numbers look VERY good . My boy and his wife walked in to one of our Hidden dog towns and really light'm up. The where packing 150 shells each and had to leave at 11:00 am they ran out of shells, minus One, they like to keep one in the event they see a coyote on the trip back out, and you know they DID,one 25/06 in the daughter-in-laws gun = one more coyote for the fur box.Man there looking ratty now I'm thinking thats the last one for the box,still shoot'm but I can put the "Coyote Drag Bag " away for the year, SSS!! :huh:

I wasn't there so I don't know how well they shot but the boy said id did put a dent in to the population. is one of our more remote colony and a smaller one ,it's under two square miles. So he said we need to carry more ammo
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