Uh.. Yeah a little too tight

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Uh.. Yeah a little too tight

Postby ICDEDTURKES » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:16 pm

Last year I spent considerable time with 3 different Remington 20 g turkey guns, 2 short barreled and one long.. I had a variety of chokes: SSX 550, Pure Gold Tempest 555 and 570, Undertaker 572, Pure Gold ported 555, Angle Port 575, Rem Super Full 570.. Contrary to popular belief the more and more I choked these guns with the Federal Heavyweight 7s the denser the patterns became.. I have a theory as to why the tight constriction and straight rifling works, but that is a different discussion.

The weather when I shot last year was 32 degrees.. My personal gun with the SSX 550 and Fed HW 7s had a high target 178 and the other 4 fell in the 140-150 range, which i consider perfect for this load containing 327 pellets..

So after having done the testing last year, I decided to check POI yesterday in beautiful 55 degree temps.. I taped off 40 yards and sent one down range.. I knew it was a very good pattern but I did not know it was this good, (226).. I had the girlfriend re count and she come up with 222.. I than re taped the range to ensure it was not short..

This may never be repeatable I may have gotten a hot shell who knows.. But Undoubtedly the tightest pattern I have seen in the 20 with factory ammo.. 226/327+ 69.1 % in the 10 ring.. This is much too tight for my liking and I hope it was a fluke.. With that being said a good friend of mine and probably the most knowledgeable person I know with 20g turkey guns ran the same combo the other day and had a high target of 212..

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Re: Uh.. Yeah a little too tight

Postby Pete-pec » Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:38 am

Pretty damn incredible! What did 20 yards look like. I don't think too tight, unless you have an inexperienced youth or woman using the gun? Flinch might be an issue, and if too tight, you could perhaps see a miss?

I would love to shoot a 20 that patterened that good. My Son's first bird was shot with just a factory full choke from a 26 inch barreled 20, and he shot a tom at 23 paces, and hit the bird from the head to legs. There were pellets over the entire bird. He actually broke both legs of the bird, and thanks goodness for that, because the shot was less than lethal, and we were able to catch up to him, and pinch his air off. I will admit that we didn't shoot the gun before season to see how it patterend (shame on me). Afterwards, I shot the gun, and the pattern was that of a scatter gun? Needless to say, we did not use that barrel for turkey hunting again.
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Re: Uh.. Yeah a little too tight

Postby ICDEDTURKES » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:26 am

I didnt shoot 20 yards this year was just ensuring POI.. Last year I did and like any tight choked gun it was about a 6 inch pattern..

The 20 is a different animal than a 12.. Say a 12 with H 13 2.25 oz 7s which have 619 pellets, even if you have a very high 350 in a 10 inch you still have 269 pellets to play with out side and even if you decide to open it up to 200 pellets in the 10 ring you still have a bonafide 40 yard gun with plenty of pellets to secure a 20 inch..

In the 20 you do not have this luxury... With the limited number of pellets you have to sacrafice somewhere if you want a 40 yard gun.
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Re: Uh.. Yeah a little too tight

Postby ARduckboy24 » Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:35 am

I killed a bird at 44 yards with my 20ga 870 Remington and a kicks high flyer choke and hevi shot and that last year with me at the age of 10. Killed it easy and it was no fluke either because we patterned it at 40 yards and it patterned tighter than we thought it would and the Remington extra full turkey choke shoots even tighter at 40.thus proving the right 20 ga can be a 40 yard turkey gun.
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