Music is the soul of life

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Re: Music is the soul of life

Postby lostknife4 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:01 am

What I want to hear is the whistling of wings, the splash of feet hitting the water, the calls of the duck hunters and the ducks and geese the sound of the guns all over the marsh I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANY ^&%$#((&^$%#@#$## MUSIC in the marsh or on any outdoor tv shows!!!!

Do you have a head phone system that will blank out all music??????


PS: Don't get me wrong here I LOVE music but it's place is not in the duck blind or deer or upland country nor so loud on any of the so called outdoors TV shows that you can't hear what people are saying or anything else for that matter. I have been threatening for years now to design and manufacture and market a small black box to connect between the TV/radio that filters out all sound except VOICE. Some day I'm just going to get pi$$ed of enough to go to the Lab and do just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"It's not the game but the chase ~ not the trophy but the race !" from my Dad, many years ago.
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