Hunting Fields - What's your setup

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Hunting Fields - What's your setup

Postby Shark Bait » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:46 pm

Hey folks,

So after reading through all the "Hey this is my first time help me out and tell me where to go..." I hope this doesn't sound as stupid. And sorry if this has already been asked, I look a bit and couldn't find a similar conversation.

I've been most places but back east we usually have pretty small spreads for decoys and we are usually in water.

What are you folks finding that works for you in a decoy spread. I'm targeting Mallards but would also take recommendations on geese because a few of the guys that are hunting with me have never shot snows. We will be in the central area of ND from 11/9 - 11/17.

Sillosocks? How many
Sillouettes? How many
Full Body dekes? How many
Wind ducks or mojos?

What's your spread layout look like?

Where do you place your layout blinds?

I have a black lab, would you recommend a Mutt-Hut?

Thanks for the help and if I can ever offer any advice on New England or Fortsmith Montana send me a PM.
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