New Jersey Boating Restrictions

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New Jersey Boating Restrictions

Postby chocolab » Fri May 26, 2006 12:00 pm

I'm new to New Jersey but I've already noticed there are very few lakes in the state where you can operate over 10hp boat motors and even more lakes where you have to use electric only. Does this rule change once hunting season starts because I can't imagine hauling all my gear, dog, and other hunters around in my boat with only my trolling motor running. Besides, what's up with the horespower restrictions anyway. I'm from Arkansas and you can run pretty much anything anywhere. They do have no wake restrictions on some lakes but that's about it. Why doesn't Jersey follow this same practice.

Point: I went to Round Valley Reservoir several weeks ago and was shocked at how big the lake was but unable to run my 75hp motor on it.
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10 hp

Postby crewchief252 » Fri May 26, 2006 11:20 pm

no, it doesn't change for hunting season, but i cant think of any electric only lakes where there is hunting or that many birds, only place i have ever hunted ( electric only) was Assunpink. Dont know why they have that rule
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