Targets(Gophers) Sniper style!!

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Targets(Gophers) Sniper style!!

Postby Duplex lover » Tue May 15, 2012 1:52 pm

After the killing the day before,I was still drunk on the blood. A buddy and I made a run out to a field we snip gophers. Most of the shooting is 200 to 300 yards off a cliff that flanks a creek.He was using his AR 223 and I had the T/C 22/250. The gophers are way smaller then prairie dogs and the distance was farther so the kill % was a lot lower but the action was as fast. We shot solid from 8:33 to noon when we ran out of shells. I hate to shoot every thing I have in the event some of the little buggers slipped around behind us and are lurking in the grass on the trip back to the truck. :thumbsup:

We lucked out and made it back with little incident :help: .


On the way home we saw some kind of Cow/Bison highbread.. :welcome:
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