Bringing game home--advice

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Bringing game home--advice

Postby seamount » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:24 am

I am set up for a combo duck-pheasant hunt trip this October. My son and I will be traveling by air line and need some insight on how to get the birds home. I have talked with the Game and Fish and understand that they have to be tagged and that a wing or head has to remain attached for transport. Since we are staying in a hotel it is awkward to do my own processing like I normally do. The host has offered to do this for us and that is fine although is is somewhat costly due to the indent requirements. If we are fortunate enough to take some nice mallards and sprig I would want to do this so that I can roast them whole with the skin on back at home. On the other hand in the past I have skinned the birds and salvaged as much meat as possible and had them made into meat sticks or sausage. This minimizes the bulk and makes it much easier to pack and bring back. I talked to a couple of local proscessers and they will do this but will accept boned meat only. that means that the birds would at this point be separated from the tags and indent is no longer possible. The product would be shipped back to me separate from the airlines at a later date when it is all done. It is not my intent to take more birds than allowed on a possession limit nor do I want to get the host into a awkward situation position. Has anyone done this and can you all offer any experience on what I should plan for in this case? seamont
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Re: Bringing game home--advice

Postby Penguine » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:19 am

I wouldn't go by what Game and Fish has said. Warden "A" might tell you to do this... and Warden "B" might say no that is wrong.

Read this it is the 2011 Hunting and Trapping Handbook. They have not released the 2012 book yet, but when they do be sure to read it. As long as you follow the book you will be ok.

Where in SD you hunting?
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