Swap a NE Sea Duck Hunt

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Swap a NE Sea Duck Hunt

Postby 20bolt » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:35 am

I will be heading down to New Orleans for a conference this Oct. Hoping to possibly get into a blind and shoot out some stress. It looks like Snow Goose season will be open.

In return, I can offer Sea Duck hunt for Eiders and a few Scoters and Old Squaw out of the Boston area. I hunt over about 40 Eiders and 20 Scoters, all hand carved by me (burlap over foam). We usually get our Eiders pretty early on, and and work for the Scoters. If we have Old Squaw, we sometimes get one or two come within range.

The season is pretty long, but the hunting only gets good once Maine/NH have started to freeze up. Best times are from mid-Dec thru to the close, usually about the 2nd weekend in Feb.

I will post up a few pics from last year in the next few days.

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