.17 hornet opinions?

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.17 hornet opinions?

Postby cm20 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:51 am

thinking about ordering a barrel for my tc contender carbine in 17 hornet, anyone have any experience with one? supposed to have .223 ballistics with the report of a 22 mag....i need something for the more populated areas i hunt this seems like it may be the ticket, i have a savage model 10 .223 (love it by the way) but it still has a pretty good crack....i usually use the 22 mag in the rimfire only zones but looking for alittle more range (nobody knows centerfire/rimfire at 2am if the bangs not too loud) , have alot of yotes around town hanging up about 125 yards for some reason and i dont feel comfortable making an ethical shot with the 22 mag
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Re: .17 hornet opinions?

Postby Kiwi_bloke » Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:22 am

I'm guessing that, you might have made that purchase by now? The .17 Hornet started life as a wildcat, meaning that you had to make it from .22 Hornet brass using several forming dies that swaged the brass down. More recently, it's become a factory cartridge. So just be careful that the barrel you use is the same spec as the ammo you use as I think there's some small but important differences. If it's a new barrel, it'll probably be set up for the new ammo and visa-versa.

The .17 Hornet has a couple of advantages. The recoil is so mild that you can usually see the impact of the bullet because the scope stays on the target. Also, the bullet is much less likely to glance off something, instead going into pieces, so it's relatively safer in more settled areas. Lastly, it's less likely to exit critters of fox size which is great if you want their pelts.

On the down side, if you reload, it's not as easy to handle little components. You'll also need .17" size cleaning rods and funnels. However all Hornet cased ammo is cheap to load and that pound of powder you buy for it will last you some time. So good luck with it.
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