First season in South Carolina

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First season in South Carolina

Postby MNgoosedropper » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:38 am

Hello all, my name is Richard. I was stationed in the Charleston area this spring and I am hoping to do some waterfowl hunting this year. I've been scouting for somewhere with my limited free time, but it seems that everywhere I find is some sort of club or turns out to be draw hunts only. I wouldnt mind about a hour or so drive for hunting. I have a small spread of goose and duck decoys. I am more set up for field hunting due to limited space for storage and I am not sure when I'll be transferred out of the area, so I'm hesitant about buying a duck boat. Is a boat absolutely necessary down here to hunt? Any info would be appreciated and very useful for when I get my next chance to go looking, or someone looking for a hunting partner for the season would be helpful too. I'm from northern Minnesota originally and have a few years experience hunting,
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Re: First season in South Carolina

Postby UpSouth811 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:37 pm

hunt same area...a boat is a must
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Re: First season in South Carolina

Postby bigsprig » Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:18 am

We have no field hunting for ducks in this part of SC unless the lower end of a field is flooded by rainfall (not counting impoundments as fields). You might be able to find some geese using cut corn fields if can get permission.

There are some areas of the National Forest near you that have walk in access for wood duck hunting, and there are a couple of other management areas that have similar walk in access also, but realistically if you are going to duck hunt in public areas of SC, you need a boat or a friend that has one.

Unfortunately SCDNR draw hunts are now almost always a three year wait (for the walk in ones). Welcome and good luck.
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