DNR changes fees for draw hunts- no more refunds

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DNR changes fees for draw hunts- no more refunds

Postby bigsprig » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:59 pm

Applications are now out for the SCDNR Class 1 waterfowl draw hunts and they have changed the fee schedule for waterfowl and all other draw hunts as well:

There will no longer be any refunds sent back, even if not drawn.

Each person applying will pay a flat fee of $20 just to apply each year for waterfowl and $10 for dove hunts, more for deer, etc.

Here is new non refundable fee schedule:

Webb deer hunts $25
Webb deer archery $20
Multi-site deer $20 (whatever that is?)
Manchester deer $10
Croft Archery (Deer) $15
McBee quail $5
Waterfowl $20
Belfast Turkey $5
Adult Dove (5 fields) $10
Adult-Youth Turkey $10 (adults only)

Which means each person on your waterfowl application will pay $20 to hunt if you get drawn the first year your apply, $40 to hunt if you do not get drawn until the second year, and $60 if you do not get drawn until the third year.

If not drawn the third year, you pay $80 for the fourth year???

Fees are not going to be refunded, ever.

Oh, they have decided you do not have to buy the one day GMA permit before you get drawn now, they will inform you how to buy if you are drawn, which means nothing to me since I buy Sportsmans license anyway.

At least do not have to write $150 check for me and my two sons now, but it also means I will not get anything back either.

So pony up your $20 per man to apply for duck hunts, $10 for dove hunts (next year) etc, etc, and kiss it goodby for first two or three years.

According to news release included with applications this will not affect preference points, which is good cause we have not been drawn in 3 years and are due this year.

May cut down on number of applications for some hunts, but I doubt it.

If they drew 100 hunters at $50 last year, versus keeping $20 from 1000 applicants this year they just quadrupled the income for these hunts.

Not complaining cause I know DNR needs bucks, but this still seems like a new tax/fee to me and I do not remember being asked or voting on it. :huh:
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Re: DNR changes fees for draw hunts- no more refunds

Postby Stump Jumper #1 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:24 pm

That kinda does suck! I'm still going to put in for them like I've done since they were $10! Haven't been picked in 3 years either. Santee Coastal has my name all over it this year!!
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Re: DNR changes fees for draw hunts- no more refunds

Postby Griffin4590 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:31 pm

I like it honestly. its gonna cut down on the applicants some and still make DNR more money. Win win if you ask me
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