New to this site. Looking for some help.

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New to this site. Looking for some help.

Postby Ccnewbie » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:59 am

I'm from carroll county and am stumped on where to go.
The only place i really knew of and went to last year was dun bar slough. And that is bone dry last time i checked.
The reason that is the only place i've gone to is because i am very new to duck hunting.
Just started last year new. Buddy asked me to go with him one time last year. Didn't have wadders or anything.
But went out shot some ducks and got addicted. Beyond addicted I've been told haha. ( but i'm sure a lot of you know the feeling)After that one time going i went out bought wadders and about a doz decoys and a call. And because i was still in school and also home schooled i had a lot of free time. So i would go out about 3-4 times by myself every week for practically the whole season. So everything i know about duck hunting is self taught and research. And now this year i am up to 4 and a half doz decoys more calls and everything i could ever need and more. Everything Except a place to hunt and an idea of where to start looking. i am itching to get back out there.

If anyone could give me tips or any advise i am more then open to it. Good luck to everyone this year.
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