1995 Mercury 25/20 Jet 2 stroke Outboard

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1995 Mercury 25/20 Jet 2 stroke Outboard

Postby hnt&fsh » Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:15 pm

Just trying to get some feedback. I am going to be putting this motor up for sale in the next few days. I am waiting on some parts and once I have it up and running it's outta' here. The motor runs great the parts are just a new jet pump impellar liner and a tabbed lock washer.

We have had the motor since it was new in 1995. It has been in Alaska since then and we have put approx. 300 hrs. of run time on it. It was used for 10-12 days per year for 1-2 hours per day. We bought new motors for our boats in Alaska and we shipped this one back. The other one is being used on a different boat and a different river. We have run it on (2) different boats. An Alumacraft 1436 and a Lowe 1448 MT. It easily gets (2) guys, 250lbs and 240lbs, full tank of gas, gear and a limit of fish on plane with a top speed of approx. 20 mph. I never clocked the speed with a GPS so like I said it is approx.. When on plane you can run in water as shallow as 6". On occasion we would have a 3rd person, 225lbs, and we could still get it on plane as long as the water was 18-24" deep. If it was any deeper than that it would not plane out, especially with the narrower boat. It is a great motor for the guy with a fairly small set up and wants to run in some skinny water. The performance would increase when a) the jet impellar had a fresh grind on it. b) when the jet impellar liner was new. I have re-ground the impellar and am putting a new liner in it.

The motor weighs 124lbs. To put that in perspective a new Mercury 35/25 Jet 4 stroke weighs in at 186lbs. Mercury quit making this motor a few years ago so it is hard to find one. The 35/25 4 stroke is now the smallest jet outboard that you can buy. The only folks that make the "jet pump" lower units for outboards is Jet Specialty in California. The smallest motor they make a jet pump for is the Mercury 25hp. They get $1569 just for the jet pump lower unit!

The motor comes with a new Quick Silver 6.6 gallon tank and new hoses. I am going to ask $2000 for the whole set up. I came to that conclusion based on the following: A 25hp Mercury motor is worth about $800 +/-. The jet pump cost $1569 new. The tank and hoses cost $109. The new liner and washer was $80. Total $2558. I figure $2000 is fair price.

Again looking for feedback. Good deal, bad deal etc.

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Re: 1995 Mercury 25/20 Jet 2 stroke Outboard

Postby FlyFishingFreak » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:18 am

Copy and paste this into the waterfowl boats and blind section and thoes guys will give you some info. There are some real know it alls on that forum. Prob some on here too, but that one is full of them.
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