Major Public Wetlands & Waterfowl Hunting Projects

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Major Public Wetlands & Waterfowl Hunting Projects

Postby feathhd » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:26 pm

Major Public Wetland Restoration, Enhancement and Recovery Projects along the Mo. River Basin.

Folks after the 2011 flood the river has created many new opportunities. Our Mission is to pursue these Waterfowl Habitat enhancement projects that will attract and hold larger numbers of migratory waterfowl with in the basin. Over the next 4 years Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association is going to concentrate it's efforts to raise revenues that will be utilized to attract Federal NAWCA dollars and matching partner dollars to the region to greatly Enhance, Improve Waterfowl Habitat and Waterfowl Hunting on Our Public hunting facilities.

We intend to work closely with the Mo. River Valley Regional Wildlife Biologist and with our IDNR wildlife office in DM, USFWS, ACE, NRCS , USDA and as many NGOS as we can to deliver instrumental habitat that not only increases the ability to attract and hold more ducks but Provide Duck Hunters with Improved, Enhanced public hunting opportunities Second to None.

We intend to present many opportunities / Ideas from flooded crop enhancements ,to flooded timber, to flooded moist soil units etc. One of our priorities has always been to seek private land enhancement opportunities that provide increased public access and hunting opportunity. ( Temporary Migratory Waterfowl Habitat Initiative )

Feel free to look it up but the USFWS, USDA,NRCS implemented such a program in the after-math of the Deep Water Horizon disaster. We intend to duplicate that effort with in the basin however small it may be. You have to crawl before you can run if you will and a few areas as a Pilot project will help us determine it's potential success, both from a hunters perspective to land owners perspective.

If you are very interested in this effort to generate a public Waterfowling mecca sign up to this subject post and follow it. Add your your thoughts to the subject but most important just type the word Support in your Response. Over 100k acres of opportunity exists with in the basin and we must pursue them and potentially write New Policy that provides us the ability to strike New Conservation partnerships.

This is our focus this Fall, Winter and Spring and more details will come as they present themselves but we need to know if you will be a key Supporter of said efforts.

Thanks and kill a bunch of ducks.
Be Safe!


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