Turkey day #'s

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Turkey day #'s

Postby cast-n-blast » Sun Nov 28, 2004 5:28 pm

Any reports over the holliday? I hunted on the western slope before turkey day (Gunnison River Valley). Some good #'s. Shot plenty of mallards (6 greenheads & 2 hens in 2 days), & some greenwings. Hunted Mitani SWA on wednesday & saw quite a few birds. Got them to work, but had a hard time getting them to commit. Might have been a combination of the tall dead tree where the poudre meets the s. platte & over-decoying. Ended up shooting one immature greenhead. Went back on friday morning & it was terrible. Saw 2 groups flying high about an hour after shooting hours & one single. I'm looking foreward to the split. should see some new birds. Anyone else?
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