Noob questions.

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Noob questions.

Postby irishff727 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:13 pm

Ok forgive my ignorance here but I just want to get a few things clear.
1. Wma's are considered public land and if so is all I need are duck stamps and that's it?
2. What is the big difference between quota hunts and open hunts.
3. I know for hunting deer you need blaze Orange jacket. Is the same required for duck or no.

I was doing some Google earth scouting. Trying to find bodies or water that may me a good idea to scout. I am planning on trying to do duck hunting out of my kayak. Is this a good idea or bad. And I just want to say, I have been reading a lot of hate about trolling on here and I am not one of those. I have taken a genuine interest in the sport and want to get as much info as I can. Time this year doesn't seem in favor of me doing any hunting this year but I plan on getting all my "ducks in a row" lol corny I know, for next year. Thanks for the info.

really? really?
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Re: Noob questions.

Postby QuacknStrut » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:13 pm

1. Check the regs for every body of water you intend to scout. Call local FWC and ask for lakes that are legal to hunt and where-get the name of who you talk to, best yet talk to one of the local officers. You must comply with federal, state and local rules and the FWC can answer most of those. You need Huntingl icense, WMA stamp (if on a WMA), State waterfowl stamp, HIP (Migratory Bird Permit - you should answer some questions when you get your state watefowl stamp) and Federal Waterfowl stamp (from Post Office).

2 Quota hunts are limited entry hunts for WMA. They require a drawing through FWC each year. Check the FWC website Open hunting, be it WMA or public means open when the season is open (with local differences-see 1)

3 No blaze required that I know of in Florida. One place I hunt in MS requires it on the way to and from the place you are hunting, it is a NWR.

Kayak will work for many locations. be safe. Have running (or paddling) lights at night. If you are gonna be where airboats are, have a tall flag, with a light on it too if it were me, but I don't hunt near airboaters much. Others may chime in on that.
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Re: Noob questions.

Postby BonifayFLAboy » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:19 pm

Question #1 You need a Management Permit as well as aduck stamp. $25
Question #2 Some land has quota hunts for certain areas and also certain species. It varies form place to place so there is not one definite answer I can give you on this one. Check each WMA for their guidelines
Question #3 Blaze orange only required when gun hunting for deer. No Archery or waterfowl

Kyaks can be your friend or foe. Get used to it in the day time instead of 3 a.m. Shoot out of it before you try and swing on some ducks to see how you and the boat react. Just my thoughts
Hope this helps.
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Re: Noob questions.

Postby BigBend » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:28 pm

Quacknstrut pretty much nailed it. You do not need blaze orange. I hunt out of small layout in alot of areas but use your judgement. Be reasonable with your range in a kayak, just because you dont have some killer duck rig with a mud motor doesn't mean that you cant have the total experience. Utilize the low profile of the kayak and focus on what birds do in your area. Be courteous to other hunters, sometimes when people get into this sport they dont realize the etiquette of proximity. The new guys arnt trying to be a pain, they just dont know because its their first season. You'll have your growing pains this year but you'll get hooked.This is a great site, members will try to help you as long as you dont come off as lazy and ask area specific questions. :thumbsup:
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