Montezuma Goose Hunt

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Montezuma Goose Hunt

Postby housymallard » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:02 pm

So my friend won a guided trip with We set up the trip for this past weekend because we were heading up to NY for the rifle opener for deer anyways. We didn't really expect to much and boy were we surprised. This hunt was an amazing experience. I've never been up to the Montezuma area which is just west of Syracuse. It was an amazingly beautiful area full of birds and wildlife. We set up between a corn field and soy field in a field blind the guide service has. There was a ton of decoys set up on both sides of us and with some great weather and a guide who was the best goose caller we found out quick why his nickname was "Fast Eddie". We all had nothing bad to say about the guide service or the hunt besides the limit only being 3 birds. We had 3 guns hunting that morning. Check out their website and if you ever are looking for a trip up in that area use them, they will put you on birds.
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Re: Montezuma Goose Hunt

Postby farmerjim » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:43 pm

sounds like a great hunt. i hunt in that area as well with my bil mostly to the north east closer to lake ontario since my wife is from that area i have yet to get a reservation to hunt the refuge itself but i plan to one of these seasons. made friends with a couple of farmers out that way and i have permission to hunt some bean/corn fields. don't get to hunt there as much as i would like but when i get out there the hunting is great, was just up for the holiday and the geese were in thick in some places.
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