Open water boat law interpretation

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Open water boat law interpretation

Postby loon » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:24 am

I have a four rivers lay out boat I hunt on Green Bay . The open water layout rule is that you must be 500 feet from shore, There are large areas of exposed bottom due to low water. If I pull my boat up completely out of the water on dry land I'm using it like a field layout blind Would I still have to be 500 feet from shore? Is a fully grassed boat on shore still a boat? Does a neo-tub for a field layout used in the water make it a boat? I know this is starting to sound like Bill Clinton and the definition of is. But what I would really like to do is motor along in my boat and put up my fully grass boat on shore and hunt from it without being 500 feet from shore just 300 feet from the houses. Will somebody bail me out?
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Re: Open water boat law interpretation

Postby bubba1 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:54 pm

Your missing one important factor. If the property at shore is private property, when the water goes out, that land is now theirs and you would be treaspassing. Wisconsin water laws are based on shoreline, not high/low water line. Depending on what shore your hunting, some land owners aren't that friendly towards us hunters.

As for the rest of your questions:

1)If your layout is on dry land and your hunting out of it as a ground blind your fine. (I have done that and been checked by a warden and he didn't say anything) However, make sure it's dry ground, not very low water.

2)Also done the neo tub, sounds like a great idea, but didn't work that great for me. I was in about 4" of water, more than 500 feet from shore, but had alot of problems with it floating and bending the frame of my ground blind. Thought a better idea was one of those large plastic sleds at fleet farm, but haven't tried it yet.

Again, depending on where your hunting, I would not advise pulling your boat up too close a house. If you have more questions, pm me and I will try to help.
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