Building a blind in a boat hoist.

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Building a blind in a boat hoist.

Postby TheMutineer » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:56 pm

Hi all,

Up here in the finger lakes they lower the water level in the lakes dramatically so that any ground blind with some cover may be next to the water in the summer but is a good 10-15 yards from the water when duck season comes around. Some people put shed like blinds on the end of their docks but if you ask me, they stand out like a sore thumb. In the winter I store my boat in my garage so my boat hoist is empty and has a nice roof over it. Furthermore its the kind of hoist that lifts with three cables attached to the bow and stern of the boat, it does not have a cradle. I'm thinking about building a platform that would fit in the hoist so I would be covered from above and I could build some walls on it and be out of the wind. I'm hoping to make it sturdy enough for 3-4 people as the hoist is big enough to keep my 18ft harbercraft.

I am having trouble deciding if I should just hang it from the overhead supports with 4 steel cables or if I should try to modify the 6in diameter vertical steel posts with tabs or something so I could set the platform on top of those. The problem with the second method is I still want to be able to use the hoist without fear of damaging the boat going in and out. I can place them below the summer water level because the water level is lower in the winter. If I modify to posts to support the platform I am worried that in order for them to be strong enough they will have to be so big that they hurt the functionality of the hoist for summer use.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

If I get this going I think it could be a very luxurious duck blind being concealed and over the water I think I could kill a lot of ducks.

Also would you guys recomend putting typical blind material around the walls of the structure or just make it look kind of like a boat house and have some flip down shooting doors? A thicket of grasses might look a little odd hanging from a boat hoist 20 yards from any other vegitation.
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